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Ergonomic assessments

Solutions to conduct brief
and comprehensive
ergonomic assessments

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Solutions for implementing programs that fit the values and culture of your company 

B2B- Costumized workshops
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Customized workshops

Solutions that fit your
company needs

"always coming with exciting ideas yet enabling adjustments to fit the company purpose and requirements"

We had Vico facilitating an online yoga course for Mars North Europe, reaching associates across 5 countries, with September Stamina theme. We had a wonderfully balanced course with a mix of office yoga and more dynamic classes on the mat. Vico is amazing in including both more experienced yogis as well as new beginners. Our associates felt energized and re-charged after the classes. Vico’s passion and kindness shines through and it is spiced up with a healthy sense of humor too. Furthermore, Vico is extremely inspiring to collaborate with, always coming with exciting ideas yet enabling adjustments to fit the company purpose and requirements of the work environment. We are looking forward to future collaboration with her!

Iina Kivilahti - Demand Planner at Mars Denmark

Ergonomic assessments

Mindfudness and wellbeing breaks

                           at your workplace

Applying Occupational Performance to increase productivity and preventing injury

With a client-centered approach, I develop individual profiles to understand the cause behind current or developing problems, for example pain in the neck or back areas due to wrong working positions.

In some cases the solution is to adjust the environment, such as screen height or chair support, but each individual is different as per their assessment. An important element in this is possible implementation of ergonomic equipment to help support team members, and ultimately avoiding future sick leave due to pain.

The Occupational Performance includes evaluation, intervention, planning, implementation together with review and outcome monitoring. I offer solutions designed to improve general health, postures and wellbeing of your employees for optimal performance. 

The ultimate goal of Occupational Performance is to provide you with tools, knowledge and guidance to bring your company up among the best in employee satisfaction, happiness, performance and health.

For managers and employers the aim is to improve the organization’s achievements through improvements in productivity and profitability through increased team performance.

The ergonomic assessment program is available as workshops, one to one meetings or for teams.

Wellbeing program

Build positive relationships with others and learn how to lower stress levels

People who are in a state of wellbeing at work has better potential of becoming more productive and creative, buildng positive relationships with others and coping better with stress which leads to better contribution

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A customized wellbeing program is a combination of office yoga, functional movement, mindfulness, conscious breathing and wellbeing breaks.

The programs are organized in modules. Typically each module contains four sessions, but these can be adjusted to meet each company’s needs. A session is a combination of brief and interactive theory and practice. Therefore each program is uniquely tailored to match values and corporate culture. These programs can also be implemented internally as part of other wellbeing activities.

A qualitative research showed that a 15 minute active break during a working day, resulted in:

1- Reduced stress levels and promoted enjoyment

2- Increased health awareness and facilitated behavior change

3- Enhanced workplace social interaction

Another study shows the importance of micro-breaks for wellbeing and increased performance. Recovering from highly depleting tasks may need more than a 10-minute break.

Customized workshops

Tailored programs to match your team

I organize workshops to fit different matters of ergonomic assessments and/or wellbeing at the workplace. I offer solutions that fit your company's needs and values. The workshops have both a theoretical and practical part

I do tailormade workshops that:

– Meets the organizational culture, needs and goals

– Helps participants apply the skills learnt in their workplace

– Includes real-world scenarios and examples based on the company’s current challenges

– Gives your team effective tools to promote wellbeing actively for the future

– Provides interactive and physical sessions to best fit the company and employees. Interactive or physical, workshops will bring health, socialization and fun, all to improve performance

Vicenta Madrid

my profesional bio

  • BA in Occupational Therapy and an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy.

  • Certified yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance 200hr in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.

  • Certified breathing coach  by Yoga Breath Coach®, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

  • Certified meditation and mindfulness course by Cameron House Community Education Centre (UK).

  • More than seven years of experience working within health and wellbeing on an individual and corporate level.

  • Experience in creating, executing and evaluating workshops, events and training programs.

  • Great understanding of wellbeing and its practicality to be implemented at the workplace and in everyday life.