Self-Love Box

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This is a combination of well-chosen loved items that could be your best company in the introspection for calm and peace.

You can build the box with the goodies that you prefer, and you can even send it to someone who you want to give love and gratitude.

Make you a priority today.

Design yours

The self-love box isย environmentally friendly

  • Handmade Eye Pillow. It is filled up with selected herbs from a local market in Southern Spain.
    The eye pillow applies a gentle pressure on the eyelids, stimulating the vagus nerve,ย  sending calming messages down the back of the neck to the shoulders and chest, heart and stomach; giving the mind and body permission to relax โ€“ to let go.


  • Palo Santo. It can be used for cleaning and fragrance rooms and creating private space, out insects, the creation of an atmosphere promote Entspannte position and meditation. Uses is used all over the world guide festivities and Ritualen.


  • Rose Quartz. Hand-picked rose quartz raw stones from Brazil. Crystal of universal and unconditional love. It’s a delicate charm and soothing color give a calming effect to the mind and body.


  • Soy candle. A premium soybean oil candle from Smith’s Mason Jars.


  • Notebook for journaling your emotions.



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