The effective solution to recharge in 15 minutes

How many breaks do we take while we are at work?
And What do we do in our breaks?
Having lunch
Coffee break
Going to the toilet
We know that
doing stretches can release tension from our bodies and mind, but we don´t do it.
That is why I am here!
We spend most of our days seated in front of a screen

Due to Covid, many of us are working from home or hybrid.

This has affected our social interaction and the natural way of movement that we had before.

Our life is becoming more and more sedentary.

This has an impact on our overall health for the long run, that is why

my mission is to bring you health and wellbeing in your breaks. 


There are many studies  that have shown the great benefits of incorporate a daily 15 minutes break. 

The sessions are accessible for everyone regardless of shape, age or location, you don’t need to have any equipment!  


 A combination of exercises to release tension and build strength


A style of yoga designed to be done while working


A variety of exercises intended to promote effective and healthy breathing and breath control


A “brain break” that you take to refocus and recharge

The wellbeing break

Coming up soon!!

Make a positive impact on your breaks


I have 5 years of experience in functional movement

My classes had a functional approach that was supported by my background in Health.

I teach multilevel classes for everyone from beginners to advance.

My background in Occupational Therapy and Breathwork give me the tools to tailor each class.